Check Property Value Using Artificial Intelligence

Check property value using machine language? Still curious on what is this, How to derive the property value using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique?

You have never heard anything like this before, right?

Mostly are using *guessing* method or some just pick-the-highest method.

What is this all about?

1. This is the most advanced technique. Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to do value checking

This technique has been mooted for about two decades ago or even 3 decades ago in Malaysia. This is the most advanced technique and by using the latest technology, the market value is derived by machine language (ML). Those jargon in data sciences like TensorFlow, neural network, regression, random forest, and many others. You may find likes anaconda, python, keras, matlotlib, and many others are amongst the machine languages which are currently being emphasized and well-discussed in house price prediction.

Another keyword is bigdata. With big data, many data can be transformed into a very informative and insight information that being hiding between the data.

Machine language (ML) UNFOLDS the patterns of the hidden facts in the transacted properties and UNFOLD to the truest value of the property.  Those hidden facts like differences in terms of floor level, facing, the situation of the property (corner, end), quantum in size, low and highrise difference, and even the difference of unit number may bring to a different value.

Here, the Machine language (ML) modeling is done by a group of experienced practicing professionals in the property fields. 1 of them has 3 experiences/disciplines, many years of experiences in  IT, machine languages and 20++ years of experience in the property line that make them the most suitable candidates to deliver the most appropriate property value. They have enough information and experience to know whether the ML is on the correct path to deriving the value.


Try today then you will know. Fill in the required information to derive at the market value. No need to guess or just-pick-the-highest method.

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