How To Check The Market Value Of Property Malaysia

How To Check The Market Value Of Property Malaysia
There are few ways to check it.
1. Ask a banker to do it.
You can use the conventional way, by asking your bankers to check it.
Just forward the property details, and they will call up their panel bank valuer and get a verbal indication.

So, if you still in the early stage of surveying for a house. You want to get an estimation of the property. I have another way for you.

2. You can check it the transacted price online

Property websites like, edgeproperty, iproperty that provide actual property transaction prices.

3. We are proudly present you, Artificial Intelligence for property value prediction via

It uses artificial intelligence models to predict the property value. We try our best to predict the property value with many other factors and also detect the negative factors and incorporate them into the model. Example: facing highway, oxidation pond.

The artificial intelligence detects the patterns which we might not be able to detect via our *eye sight* and unfold those unknown patterns to predict the market value.



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