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MM2H to be Reactivated in October 2021

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme will be reactivated with improvements to policies and application conditions so as to balance the security and economic aspects. The new conditions to not more than 1% of the number of Malaysian citizens.  Must be in the country for at least 90 cumulative days in a year Offshore income of at least RM 40,000 / month (This one has been called by...

I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick – should I get tested for COVID-19?

(Comment : Sorry to divert from Property Related News, but due to the critical current pandemic issue, we share this for all). Imagine last night you developed a little runny nose and a sore throat. When you woke up this morning you started coughing and had a fever. In the past year, your mind would have immediately jumped to COVID-19. But if you are already fully vaccinated, you might wonder: Should I...

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