Property Valuation Fees in Malaysia Online

How to check property valuation fee in malaysia.

Reference : LPPEH, Fee section

Fee for other capital valuation / rating valuation services based on an ‘Improved Value’ basis1:

  • 1/4% of the first RM100,000
  • 1/5% of the residue up to RM2 million
  • 1/6% of the residue up to RM7 million
  • 1/8% of the residue up to RM15 million
  • 1/10% of the residue up to RM50 million
  • 1/15% of the residue up to RM200 million
  • 1/20% of the residue up to RM500 million
  • 1/25% of the residue over RM500 million

There is also free property valuation fee calculator in Apple Store

  1.  Apple Store
  2. Google Store

There are another 2 property-related calculators which are useful to calculate the entry cost to buy a property in malaysia

  1. Android : PropertyX Malaysia Home Loan
  2. Apple : PropertyX Malaysia Home Loan


You Can do the direct calculation at the screen below

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